Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Salary sacrifice schemes are offered by employers to their staff as part of a voluntary benefits programme. They help create a more flexible employee benefits package and are used by companies of all sizes to help drive better employee engagement. A key part of a strategy for retention, salary sacrifice schemes can benefit both employers and employees. By offering a wide variety of additional employee benefits companies can enhance their employer brand and further engage existing employees.

Childcare Vouchers

Our Childcare Voucher Scheme can help save parents up to £933 a year (for basic rate tax payers). Employees can choose their own childcare provider or nursery as long as these are state registered or Ofsted approved. Employers save money via lower NI contributions and, by allowing employees to sign up to a childcare scheme before April 2018, can provide employees with greater choice when the governments Tax-Free Childcare scheme (TFC) comes into effect.

Holiday Trading

Your Holiday Trading scheme can allow employees to purchase extra annual leave by sacrificing part of their salary in return. This is provided through salary sacrifice, deducting the equivalent amount from an employees gross salary, providing the employer a saving on employers national insurance and saving the employee both tax and national insurance.

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