45% of employees said they have felt pressured by bosses, colleagues or their company to go into work when ill.

With Mental Health Awareness week from the 14th to the 20th of May, it’s never been a better time to give your emotional wellbeing strategy a revamp.

We've looked into our crystal ball and have collected a few of our insights into the future of the workplace. 

Hapi Cinema is a new direct service through which businesses can award their employees discounts of up to 40% on outings to the cinema.

Generation Alpha describes those born between 2010 and 2025. Yes, they're still children, but that doesn't mean that we can't start planning for their entrance into the world of work. 

Why quick fixes and excuses won’t help you reduce your pay and happiness gaps.

It's no secret that running an eco-friendly business is important for the environment as a whole, but how can helping the environment actually help your bottom line?

Baby boomers have helped shape the workplace as we know it, but they just don't get that much attention in the workplace anymore. But we're back for another round of myth busting, and we're focusing on the Boomers. 

Watch your step and mind the gap. Once employees are aware of the gender happiness and pay gaps, make sure you act to change them.

In the midst of all the Millennial madness and Gen Z drama we have forgotten about the work-hard, play-hard Generation X. So we're back for another round of myth busting, this time focusing on the Xers. 


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