Britain’s workforce has little optimism for employment post-Brexit, Personal Group research shows

How can employee benefits save your business money?

Women are happier and more enthusiastic at work than men, despite the 8.6% gender pay gap.

The right reward and recognition programme can transform your employee experience.

Largest British 3PL appoints Personal Group to implement new mobile solution to drive employee engagement and improve internal communications across the business.

So much of today's workforce are based off-site, but what does this mean for employee engagement?

Technology and the workplace can be a sore subject, but tech can be extremely beneficial for employee engagement.

New module available through business’s Hapi platform, or as a ‘plug in’ to alternative software

It's no secret that we are fast becoming a technology first workforce, but could tech also be the key to increasing workplace happiness?

New survey shows that employees want workplace benefits linked to physical activity.



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