Happiness Survey

More than half of all millennials are unhappy in the workplace, according to new survey

Our latest research shows that 56% of all people surveyed are not happy in the workplace.

The research is part of our Hapi survey, which asks 1274 UK employees about their happiness at work via social media. The results show a clear picture of the state of happiness in the UK workplace.

The Hapi survey results were also benchmarked against data of approximately 41,000 employee responses from engagement-orientated businesses.*

Interestingly the overall levels of employee pride, enthusiasm and keenness to get to work in the morning actually increased slightly at engagement orientated businesses between 2017 and 2018, whereas Hapi survey respondents were shown to feel much more negatively towards their work and working lives across all metrics.

Mark Scanlon, Chief Executive Officer at Personal Group added: “The results are staggering. Unhappiness, dissatisfaction, lack of pride in our work and a loss of enthusiasm seem to be having a profound impact of employees across the UK. Much more must be done to tackle unhappiness in the workplace and ensure employees feel valued, appreciated and safe in the workplace. There is significant proof that employees of businesses which have employee engagement initiatives implemented are more motivated and enthused in the workplace.

“As a country we need re-focus our efforts and do more to drive happiness in the workplace. Front line workers are the engine room of the UK economy, and if we can more to engage and excite these workers, the results could be phenomenal. This growing gap of happiness at work could go some way to explain the UK productivity gap.”

 * those which have robust employee engagement initiatives implemented

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