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Employee reward and recognition

Build a culture of reward and recognition

The key to a happy, motivated workforce is appreciation and recognition. As your employees are as unique and important as your business, we have made our employee reward platform, Hapi, highly customisable to your workforce.

Rewards customised by you

Engagement only works when it is specific to your people. With the help of a dedicated account manager, your Personal Group reward scheme is simple to set up and easy to use. We give you total control over the look and feel of the Hapi platform, including the ability to set and approve rewards, monitor which rewards are being used and only pay for what employees use. Rewards and benefits include:

  • Lifestyle and healthcare services
  • Discounts and offers from major retailers, cinemas and leisure outlets
  • A range of generous salary sacrifice offers, from cars to childcare vouchers

           of the UK workforce
               are happy in work
                     most of the time

Accessible anywhere, anytime

The Hapi platform holds a specialist recognition hub which allows employees to access their awards from any device. Available through browsers or the mobile app, employees can easily access the range of rewards wherever they are. Hapi can even be set up to send push notifications to workers, as a simple and instant way of saying thank you.

See the results

Our seamless back end of Hapi allows your HR teams to monitor and analyse exactly what drives engagement for your people, which rewards are most popular, and use the in-platform communication tools to communicate to employees through in-app notifications, emails and quick surveys. Find out more about the Hapi Hub here.

No wasted rewards

Our mission is to maintain a high level of transparency across all our services and run our reward scheme in the same way. Unlike many other schemes where you lose any un-redeemed awards, we annually review your rewards account and re-submit any awards that haven’t been redeemed by your employees back to your account and roll them over to the following year.

As you only pay for the awards that are redeemed, you can choose to make use of any unused funds for additional employee incentives or keep them in the rewards scheme.

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The Power of Happiness

Our business is built on one simple fact: happy people are more productive at work.

We believe providing a great employee experience is the key to unlocking happiness. When people feel like they make a difference, they do.

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