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World Gratitude Day: 7 ways to say “thank you”

Posted on 01 September 2021

World Gratitude Day is coming up on the 21st of September. It’s a great opportunity to pass on your appreciation to people you value - at work and at home.

Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours, there are a million ways to say thank you to people we rely on. Here are a few ideas which don’t cost much but will mean a lot.

1. Help around the house

For people in your household, doing practical tasks is a great way to support that special someone. Tell them to put their feet up while you cook their favourite meal, do the dishes, clean the car or any other jobs around the house. You could even treat them to breakfast in bed!

2. Show your support

If you know someone is going through a rough time, make sure they know that you’re always ready to lend a listening ear. Events like break ups, money troubles or just feeling down about the state of the world are easier to get through if you have a supportive friend on the end of the phone.

3. Really listen

Often we’re not truly engaged with our conversations. Studies show that humans only take 200 milliseconds before their ‘turn’ to speak, meaning that we decide what to say while the other person is still talking.

We all want to be heard, so slow down and really listen to what someone is telling you. Look them in the eye when you are talking or listening to them so they know they have your full attention. And don’t get distracted by your phone – it shows a lack of respect to the other person.

4. Share a skill

Another way to help out which doesn’t cost anything is by sharing something you’re good at.

  • Help someone move to a new house
  • Offer to babysit for a few hours so parents can enjoy some time together
  • Share your experience with gardening, home decoration or DIY
  • Help someone get online by setting them up with grocery shopping or email

5. Staying connected

For people you can’t see face-to-face, sending a handwritten card is a personal gesture that will always be appreciated. You can also treat loved ones to a delivery of flowers or other gifts if you can’t be there on their special day.

6. Give a compliment

We all like our best qualities to be appreciated from time to time, so go ahead and pay someone a compliment. It doesn’t have to be deep and meaningful – in fact, sometimes the sillier the better!

7. Send a message

Some people find it easy to express how they feel, while others are more reserved. But if you can, take a moment to show your appreciation for someone who’s important to you. This can be as simple as an ‘I love you’ text to your significant other, telling a parent ‘You always look out for me and I appreciate it’, or letting a colleague know that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We all like being thanked for a job well done and finding ways to celebrate the people we love can make the world feel like a brighter place.

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