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5 mood-boosting foods to help you feel good

Posted on 21 July 2022


As well as giving us the energy we need to live, food affects our mental and physical wellbeing. Beyond just living we should strive to thrive. And for that, we need to achieve a healthy lifestyle which includes eating right, sleeping properly, and staying hydrated. An intentional and balanced diet will leave us feeling satisfied, healthy and happy. Viewing food as fuel doesn’t mean that what we eat has to be boring and uninspired. Challenge yourself to explore new flavours, textures and ways of mixing and matching fruits and vegetables into your meals. Like all habits worth forming, practice is key. To help you get started, we've gathered 5 mood-boosting foods and some easy-to-follow recipes. 


Some flavours in berries contain a chemical similar to valproic acid, a prescribed mood-stabilising drug, according to the Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies. It has also been found to reduce inflammation which can lead to higher rates of depression. 

Berry-filled recipes to try:  

Dark Chocolate 

It's not a myth, dark chocolate has been proven to improve people's moods.[1] It releases serotonin, a chemical in your brain which makes you happy and can help to boost your immune system. They do note that the chocolate has to be enjoyable to eat which suggests that the act of eating chocolate might also play a part. We've got two recipes below, but you can also add it to lasagne and chilli to enhance the flavour of the sauce. 

Chocolate-inspired recipes to try:  


We've all heard the old saying 'fish is brain food', but in the case of salmon (and tuna), it really is. Fatty fish is high in Omega-3 which is great for long and short-term memory but also can reduce anxiety and increase your mental health and wellbeing. [2]  

Salmon-inspired recipes to try:  


It's a bit of a false truth about its iron content (and Popeye's strength), but while it might not make you physically strong, mentally it's the ultimate supplement. Rich in Vitamin E and K, it can lower depression and boost your mood.[3]  

Spinach-loaded recipes to try:  


Mushrooms, as well as being highly versatile, are also highlighted as great for picking up your mood thanks to the high concentration of Vitamin D. [4] Another benefit that comes from including mushrooms in your diet is that they contain selenium which helps support the immune system. 

Mushroom-inspired recipes to try:  

With these five superfoods, you can improve your mood and mental health, they are all surprisingly versatile too - which is a bonus for making sure you keep variety in your diet. 


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