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5 top tips to reduce your energy bills

Posted on 19 January 2022


It's only natural that energy bills rise during the winter months as we rely more on our home heating to keep warm. But the wholesale cost of energy has gone up as well, so many of us are facing a steep hike in costs. 

Check out our previous article How to cut your energy bills for more ideas. 

1. Check if you’re eligible for the Warm Home Discount 

The Warm Home Discount is a government-led scheme. If you meet the criteria, you could get £140 credit on your electricity bill between October and March.  

Visit this page to check if you’re eligible and find out how to apply. 

2. Bleed your radiators 

If a once-warm room feels chilly, it may be time to bleed the radiators. Over time, air bubbles can build up in the pipes, which can result in cold patches on your radiators as the water can no longer reach those areas. 

Bleeding them is the process of releasing the air bubbles so you enjoy the maximum heat from your radiators. For best results, we recommend bleeding radiators twice a year. It only takes a few minutes and you can find step-by-step guides on YouTube.  

And while you’re at it, you can give your radiators a good clean too. Layers of dust can build up and stop heat flowing as freely, and by cleaning them you could save on energy costs too. 

3. Get your boiler serviced 

As well as servicing your radiators, it's important to care for your boiler. After all, as the engine that keeps your home warm you'll want to ensure it's running smoothly all year round. 

A regular boiler service helps ensure your boiler is healthy and energy efficient (and therefore cheaper to run) and reduces the likelihood of costly and unexpected repairs or breakdowns.  

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, you may want to consider getting a replacement as a newer, more energy efficient model will result in less energy wastage and more savings on your energy bills. 

4. Stay cosy at night  

Rather than cranking the heating before bedtime, consider buying an electric blanket to stay nice and toasty while you sleep. Lower-wattage blankets typically cost around 8p per night, which makes them a good money-saving option. 

5. Quick tips for keeping the heat in 

  • Keep internal doors closed – trap heat in each room by closing the doors inside your home.  
  • Don’t block radiators – avoid covering the radiators with clothes or blocking them with furniture such as your sofa. Moving furniture a few inches away from your radiators will help the heat to spread throughout the room and keep it warmer for longer. 
  • Reflect on your radiators - place a radiator reflector panel or even a sheet of tin foil behind your radiators. This will help reflect the warm air back into the room and prevent heat being lost through walls. Plus, it’ll only cost you a few pounds. The room will feel warmer without you having to run your radiators at a high temperature, but it’s only really effective on radiators on external walls. 

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