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Self Care Week 13th - 19th November

Posted on 15 November 2023

Mental  |  Physical  |  Social

This week is dedicated to self-care and it’s a great chance to find out how to take better care of your physical health and mental wellbeing. Did you know by looking after ourselves, we can improve our ability to handle stress, avoid burnout, and maintain overall wellness. ? Here are some ways to kick start your self-care journey: 

Boost your immunity by eating well 

The vitamins to make sure you get enough of are vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D as well as copper, folate, iron, selenium, and zinc. By focusing on a healthy varied diet, it is possible to get enough of all of these without turning to supplements. Food including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, dairy products, meat, fish, or fortified alternatives, and pulses are all excellent sources of these vital nutrients.  

 Adopt positive lifestyle choices 

Healthy changes start with little changes. Whether you want to lose weight, get active or quit smoking, there are plenty of tools online to help support your journey. Apps for your smart phone or tablet can help keep track of the changes as you make them, so you can see the impact your choices are having on your health and mental wellbeing.  

Maintain social connections 

By connecting with others, you can find a greater sense of belonging, and even find new hobbies and events that you enjoy. Maybe there’s a charity that you have an attachment to, finding time to donate to a foodbank or your local charities can all be ways to connect with like-minded people.  

Health screenings 

Screening is a way of finding out if you have a higher chance of having a health problem, so that early treatment can be offered. If you are at risk of certain illnesses due to lifestyle choices or hereditary reasons, it is worth reaching out to your GP to find out if you are eligible for health screening. Finding out about a problem early can mean that treatment is more effective. While it might seem daunting, it can help you make better informed decisions about your health. 

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