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7 ways to save money by sharing

Posted on 23 April 2021


Sharing not only feels good: it can have financial benefits, as our tips explain.

1. Protect yourself and others

From health and life to car and travel, sharing insurance policies can cut costs – but check that it will suit you. For example, a joint life insurance policy is generally cheaper than two single ones, but it only pays out once. You can often cut your car insurance quote by adding a low-risk driver to the policy. Experiment with online quotes a few weeks before your old policy expires.

2. Keep it in the family

Share mobile providers with other people in your household (often called a family mobile plan) and you could save cash every month. Family discounts usually apply to pay-monthly devices and SIM-only contracts, but the catch is one of you obviously can’t shop around for a better deal with another provider. But loyalty does pay off with mobile providers – give them a ring and see if they’ll cut a deal to keep you as a customer.

3. Community values

Community spirit is here to stay. While sharing food may not save you money, it will help others for whom every penny counts. If you can afford to, gestures such as giving a meal to a neighbour or donating non-perishables to a food bank can make a big difference.

4. Travel partner

When travel picks back up again, make savings by signing up for a ‘Two Together’ railcard with a person in your bubble. It costs £30 a year but will save you a third on most travel tickets when you travel together, so it pays for itself fairly quickly.

5. On the road again

Likewise, consider setting up a car share when it’s permitted to travel with people outside your household. Rather than several people driving to work individually, you club together in one car, take it in turns to be the designated driver throughout the week and split the expenses between you. These people you share with may well be colleagues, or perhaps neighbours and friends who commute between a similar A and B – even coupling up with your significant other constitutes car sharing.

6. Holidays

Want to save even more on holiday accommodation? Try a house swap. If you’re willing to let a stranger stay in your home, in return you can bag a cheap – or even free – holiday whenever you like. Try sites or for home swaps. Make sure you check the terms and conditions but if they suit you, you can enjoy a holiday anywhere in the UK or even abroad.

7. Talk it out

Don’t be afraid to talk money with friends and family members. You can share saving tips and perhaps support and advice on how to improve a tricky situation. Pooling knowledge can help you be more financially savvy – for example, advice on creating a budget and setting financial goals from people who’ve been there and done that.

If you find it hard to talk about money issues with someone you know, try The Money Advice Service for free impartial advice on topics from mortgages to savings. You can call, web chat or even WhatsApp them. Alternatively, check with your employer to see if they offer financial wellbeing advice or products as part of your benefits package.

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