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Men’s Health Week 2022

Posted on 15 June 2022


It's Men’s Health Week 2022 and we have a question. Men, how healthy are you really feeling?  

Perhaps it’s time for an MOT 

It is essential to take care of our health and being aware of changes in our bodies is key to vital early-stage diagnosis. With most illnesses, the sooner you treat the issue, the better the outcome will be. This is true for both your physical and mental health. A holistic approach to health, where you value each in equal measure, is a good way to maintain balance and stay healthy.  

In honour of this week, why not complete The Men’s Health Forum’s quick DIY Man MOT.  

‘’Giving your body a once-over doesn’t require any spanners and needn’t cost a penny. If you’re worried about the results of any of the following tests, see your GP.’’  

The areas you’ll cover include:  

Test 1: Is your engine tuned? 

Test 2: Are you overloaded? 

Test 3: Look out for dashboard 'warning lights' 

Test 4: Wobbly gear stick? 

Test 5: Check the water 

Test 6: Day-to-day performance 

Test 7: Check your pressure 

And of course, anything else.  

If your car were playing up, you wouldn’t hesitate to get it checked out and fixed. You should do the same for your health! 

Feeling blue? You’re not alone  

Mental health-related struggles are one of the main challenges men face.  

Learn to talk about it.  

Open and honest conversation is a useful way to deal with problems and things that are worrying you. Opening up can be difficult but the expression ‘’a problem shared, is a problem halved’’ often rings true. Bottling things up isn’t good for your mental or physical health. Cortisol, a hormone closely related to stress, can increase your risk of serious health conditions such as strokes or heart attacks.[1] Both heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death for both men and women, especially for men. [2] 

For more on this, check out our Hapi-Life article: How to reduce your risk of a stroke 

Places to find help  

  1. The Men’s Health Forum is a charity dedicated to improving the health of men and boys. They have lots of resources to help you be the healthiest you.  

  1. Read helpful Hapi-Life article: How to ask for help with mental wellbeing.  

  1. Visit or go and see your GP or use NHS 111 if you’re concerned about any symptoms 

  1. Visit Mind, a leading UK mental health charity for access to support.  


[1] High Stress Levels Can Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke Even With Normal Blood Pressure | Everyday Health 

[2] Chapter 2: major causes of death and how they have changed - GOV.UK ( 

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