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Practical ways to save and share

Posted on 28 September 2022

Financial  |  Social

1. Protect yourself and your loved ones  

From health and life to car and travel, sharing insurance policies can cut costs – but mind the small print.. You can often cut your car insurance quote by adding a low-risk driver to the policy. Experiment with online quotes a few weeks before your current policy expires. 

2. Bundle together for the best deal 

You could save extra monthly cash if you share mobile providers with others in your household (often called a family mobile plan). Family discounts usually apply to pay-monthly devices and SIM-only contracts, but the catch is remaining loyal to the bundle deal. Loyalty often pays off with mobile providers – give them a call and see if they can improve your current rate to keep you as a customer.  

3. Being organised has benefits  

You can save money on travel by booking your tickets in advance. It may require you to be more organised, but the savings will be worth it. You can also save by signing up for a 'Two Together' railcard with a person in your bubble. It costs £30 a year but will save you a third on most travel tickets when you travel together, so it pays for itself fairly quickly. 

4. A holiday inspired by 'The Holiday' 

Want to save even more on holiday accommodation? Try a house swap. If you're willing to let a stranger stay in your home, you can bag a cheap – or even free – holiday whenever you like. Try sites or for home swaps. Make sure you check the terms and conditions, but if they suit you, you can enjoy a holiday anywhere in the UK or abroad. Take advantage of the winter off-peak prices. On average, travelling during the winter tends to be cheaper than in the Summer, subject to destination.  

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