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5 reasons to keep going when you want to give up

Posted on 17 August 2022


In life hurdles and obstacles are to be expected and although we can’t predict or prevent all of them, we do have control over how we choose to react. When the going gets tough, sometimes the natural inclination is to give up altogether or push it back. Giving up in the moment may feel easy, but is it the best, most rewarding way to deal with the situation? Often it isn’t. Hard work and determination are virtues for a reason. The majority of things worth having are only possible through hard work and determination. In the long run, when you choose to never give up, you will build your self-esteem and resilience, which are essential qualities for achieving success. You’re stronger than you think, give yourself the opportunity to prove that to yourself.  

For those times when you want to give up, here are 5 things to remember. 

  1. Be kind to yourself 

Easier said than done. Give yourself the same grace you extend to others. We are often our harshest critics. Next time you’re tempted to unload negative and unhelpful thoughts about yourself, pause and consider affirming yourself with positive, motivational words instead. In practice that can look like acknowledging and celebrating the progress, you’ve already made toward your goals.  

  1. Dig deep and remember your why  

The ‘why’ in any situation is the reason you started something in the first place. When things get tough, ask yourself…why did I start training for that 5K? Why did I commit to going back to college in the evenings? Why did I start a workplace training course? There was a reason you started and it’s the same reason why you should keep going. Keep that motivation front and centre by having visible reminders around you. Why not display any trophies or hang up a calendar to provide a focus for your hard work? 

  1. Hold yourself accountable  

Whether you’re quitting smoking or planning to (finally) go for that promotion you’ve been wanting – most things are easier to achieve when you’re accountable. Have close friends, partners, family and colleagues keep you accountable and remind you that you are on a journey towards improvement. It’s not as easy to break a promise you’ve made to others.  

  1. You are your future self  

The actions you take today will affect your future self, that includes inaction. If there’s something you need to achieve that will be difficult in the short term but rewarding long term, you should do your best to make it happen for yourself. The key to unlocking motivation is to close the gap between our past, present, and future selves. They’re all you. 

  1. Purpose leads to happiness  

Waking up with a sense of purpose is essential for creating happiness. Having a reason to roll out or even jump out of bed is crucial for your mental wellbeing and motivation. It’s also a way to make your life more fulfilled and content. Finding your purpose can be a journey in itself and once you’ve found it, hold on to the hope it represents and use that as motivation to never give up. J.K Rowling showed Harry Potter to 12 different publishers before she finally received a book deal. Fast forward a couple of decades and well we know how that story turned out. She is a shining example of the greatness you can achieve if you can find the strength to keep going.  

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