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10 ideas for Easter holiday family fun

Posted on 06 April 2022


1. Easter egg hunt

It wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt! You can take the kids to an organised event, or hide clues around your own home or garden leading to little treats for them to find.

2. Creative cooking

Kids love a chance to get creative in the kitchen, so why not bake a batch of biscuits together and decorate with icing? Making your own pizzas and creating silly faces with the toppings is also fun.

3. Outdoor ideas

The National Trust’s list of ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ has lots of great ideas for enjoying the great outdoors. Some examples:

  • Have a snail race
  • Play pooh sticks
  • Climb a big hill
  • Make a hedgehog house
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Swim in the sea

4. Movie night

Choose a film that everyone will enjoy and cosy up for a big night in. For the full cinema experience, dim the lights and make a big bowl of popcorn.

5. Get crafty

Channel your inner Blue Peter presenter and get crafty with junk modelling. Challenge your kids to make robots, rocket ships or puppets out of things they find in the recycling box.

6. Make a den

Give the kids some spare sheets or blankets and let them make a den in the garden. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, you could make a pillow fort and camp out indoors.

7. Bake hot cross buns

It takes some extra effort, but making your own hot cross buns is a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon. Or if you can’t wait, just buy them ready-made, pop them in the oven, and serve warm with a generous amount of butter.

8. Make your own water park

One for sunny days - let the kids splash around with the hose or a water sprinkler. If you’re feeling brave, make a stock of water balloons and join in the fun.

9.    Invisible ink spy game

Play at being a spy by writing secret messages in lemon juice, waiting for it to dry, then gently warming the paper in the oven until your message appears.

10. Try gardening

Kids will enjoy helping out in the garden or planting things of their own. Indoor gardeners can try growing cress on the windowsills or herbs like basil for example.

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