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5 delicious and healthy lunch ideas for working from home

07 May 2020


Posted on: 07 May 2020

Something on toast

Think beyond baked beans and spaghetti hoops – try new toppings like chilli cheese, smashed broad beans or avocado and smoked salmon. Here are 24 more ideas for a quick, easy and delicious lunch.


Perfect for winter weather… or the British summer. Making your own soup is simple when working from home: prep your ingredients, stick them in a pot and let it simmer away for a few hours.

This recipe is a good fit for this time of year. A twist on the classic minestrone, it’s light, fresh and is easy adaptable to whatever veg you have on hand.

Delicious… but anti-social

No one wants to be that person whose lunch stinks out the office. But in your own home, you make the rules.

A tuna niçoise salad is full of healthy protein and will set you up for a good afternoon’s work.


Perhaps not the most creative suggestion, but having access to a kitchen means you can elevate the humble sandwich into a culinary masterpiece.

This recipe for the ultimate leftover roast beef sandwich is a great example of the way fresh ingredients and a bit of extra effort can make a truly superior sarnie.

Leftover Curry

These often taste even better the next day as the spices have had time to develop. This vegan curry is ridiculously healthy and reheats well in the microwave.

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