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Banish Those January Blues

Posted on 18 January 2023

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Banish Those January Blues 

Did you know that the term Blue Monday was coined by Sky Travel in 2005? They commissioned research to calculate when people were most likely to book their holidays, not with the intention of creating dread in people, but about building excitement for new adventures in the year ahead.  

As part of their formula, they took into account average temperatures, the number of days since last pay, the days until the next bank holiday, average daylight hours and the number of nights in during the month. Considering all these factors together, the research concluded that the third Monday in January, may very well be the most depressing day of the year, hence Blue Monday. 

Banish those January blue moods with our 6 tips: 

1. Boogie the blues away (1) Research has found that music has a positive impact on people’s mood, lowering stress and anxiety and increasing motivation. 

2. Make plans (2) Thinking about the future can have a positive impact on your today, leaving feelings of optimism instead of sadness and dread.  

3. Get active (3) Going for a walk every day will help maximise your exposure to daylight and it’s a good way to get some gentle exercise. 

4. Read a book (4) Research has shown that reading fiction can help boost happiness and provide escapism, therefore reducing stress.  

5. Talk to someone (5) A problem shared, really can be a problem halved. Bottling things up, to avoid burdening others, can lead to the issue manifesting into something bigger.  

Broken Resolutions? 

Have you broken resolutions that you planned on sticking to? Why not just hit the reset button and start again? There is nothing to say that we can’t start new health plans or spend free days whenever we want. Remember Blue Monday was created as a marketing concept, and while things may seem bleak outside with the short daylight hours, and cold, frosty mornings. It is important to remember that the shoots of spring are starting to appear, and those mornings will soon be filled with the colour of spring flowers and sunshine.  





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