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Social Isolation

Posted on 27 March 2020

Mental  |  Social

When spending a greater amount of time at home than we're used to, it's important we don’t neglect our mental wellbeing. Studies show that being cooped up inside the house can cause our mental health levels to plummet. So, how do you prevent this from happening?

Take up a new hobby

A great way to keep your mind focused is in taking up a hobby such as painting, sewing, cooking, reading or gardening. It will allow you to keep a focus on one thing, meaning that any other fears or concerns can take a backseat while you practice them.

Keep your social circle intact

Make sure that you keep in regular contact with your friends and family. It's possible to group call via your phone or computer at virtually no cost, or just make a habit of setting times aside in your day to hear about what is going on outside your own four walls.

Set screen time limits

It's easy to use the extra free time to become glued to the various screens inside your home. If you're checking the news for any updates then please, ensure that the sites you use for information are getting them from government or official sources to avoid being triggered by sensationalised or fictional headlines. 

Make a plan

By having a plan to work from you can keep atop of your daily home and leisure routine as well as being able to schedule any work activities you have on top of keeping in contact with everyone you need to. It will help to lessen the unfamiliarity you might have with the time spent at home.

Keep healthy

Don't fall into the easy trap of vegging out if you remain at home. Keep on top of any exercise you're doing and, where possible, eat fresh and healthy food. 

Being trapped at home doesn't have to be inside

As we approach the warmer months of the year, it's key that we don't forget that just because we can't venture far, we can't experience the outside world at all. If you have a garden, then take time to work or relax there. If you can't get outside or the weather isn't quite warm enough then sit by an open window while reading a book or relaxing.

Make time for yourself

For those of you who live in a busy household, be sure to take some time for yourself. Often, we are so concerned for the wellbeing of those around us that we sometimes forget to look after ourselves. If you need privacy or just a space for yourself to be away from everything then agree with everyone that when you’re there you’re not to be disturbed.

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