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The benefits of making New Year’s resolutions

Posted on 12 January 2023

Mental  |  Physical

We all make New Year’s resolutions, but do we all keep them? What do they give us? The simple answer is that we see it as a new start, and it encourages us to undo all we feel we did wrong in the previous year. Here we have a list of just a few ways new year’s resolutions can benefit us.

Goals - Setting goals is something we do all year round, but for some reason, making them before a new year makes them even more special, and increases our likelihood of completing them. We all say we’ll ‘start on Monday’ but in fact, we use new year as an excuse to do what we said we would do six months ago. Now, this is nothing to be ashamed of as we all do this, but it proves why these goals are so important and how encouraging they can be.

Achievement - Much like when you set a goal for yourself, no matter how big or small, you are often filled with a sense of achievement when you complete it. This feeling not only gives us fuel to complete more tasks, but it helps us grow in confidence, which is ultimately better for our mental health.

Control – Making new targets for yourself is a form of taking control of your life. Not only does this motivate you, feel fulfilled and confident, but can allow you to envision the future; something that can be particularly difficult for some people. Particularly those who struggle with their mental health in some capacity, taking back control in whatever form that takes can help make everyday life that much easier.

Health – More often than not, things we set as new year’s resolutions are ones that will eventually better our bodies. Watching less TV, doing more exercise, and eating healthier food are just some of the common examples; but can all help towards our overall health at the end of the day. Eating better is an obvious one, but things like taking control of your financial wellbeing can help to reduce stress which will moreover improve wellbeing altogether.

These are only a few of the benefits that making resolutions can give us, but all the same help make us feel good, which is the goal.

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